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       Zero Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Black Gryphon Martial Arts

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We offer all kinds of kickboxing. So, whether you are looking for a cardio workout or you want to train  for a ring, cage or Karate tournament.  We have all of your kickboxing needs.


 Michael Oberdick & assistants teach kickboxing with some cardio.


Jose Burgos III teaches Freestyle Kickboxing to adults, teens & kids.

We also offer Kids Competition Kickboxing  

Check out our schedule on the home page.


Owner, Tia offers a HIIT Kickboxing class Mondays 6:05-6:45pm

Excellent exercise program

• Training for adults and teenagers

• Focus on rhythm, syncopation, and stage presence

• Intensive workouts

• Clean, street-style steps

• Plenty of tumbling tricks, moves, and attitude

• Build confidence – and look and feel great, too!

• All about fun and fitness for kids and adults

• Great alternative to achieve aerobic and anaerobic benefits

• Strengthens muscles in the arms and legs

• Gets the heart pumping and the breathing rate up

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Do you want something different to do, then try Kickboxing



Add kickboxing to your life.

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Head Instructor/Owner of Black Gryphon Martial Arts, which is based at Stellar Fintess.

My name is Sensei Jose Burgos. My Martial arts journey started when I was 17. I played around with some of my friends in a garage setting and a year later I was serious about my training and met Master William Lance of White Krane Karate. With my time with him, I acquired my black belt. After a total of 18 years now I still train under Shihan Ganster the founder of Isshinjitsu, (Master Lance's instructor). I have experimented with various other martial arts like Brazilian jujitsu, judo, no gi grappling, Kenpo and kickboxing. I am always striving to learn new things, but my favorite part of this journey is that I get to teach and help others earn their confidence like my instructors have done for me.

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