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Doug & Tia teach a monthly class at Stellar Fitness.   Find your true potential and achieve greater peace of mind!  This class is for women of 14 age and older.  Learn to protect Yourself and your loved ones.  We also offer a tween & Kids self-defense classes as well.  Girl scout or other groups are welcome.  

Self-defense classes

Training benefits

• Classes for everyone

• Specializes in training women of all ages

• We also offer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

• Learn how to protect yourself against multiple attackers

• Defend against bigger and stronger adversaries

• Build confidence and increase physical fitness

Contact us to learn more about self-defense training. Benefits include:

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Expert training in self-defense



Locally owned and operated fitness studio!

Talk to a fitness expert about the exercise program!

• Potentially life-saving techniques

• Enhance your life and career

• Attain greater physical capabilities

• Personal development


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